Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Date (or Two) With SK. 

showing off her fashion senses on an island splitting two roads on some wet and slushy snice is the biologically, emotionally, mentally, unique Sabrina Kwan of Sincerely Sabrina. 

it was our first "photoshoot" and our dear SK got honked at by two cars while another guy walking by asked to photograph with her. oh and yet another offered to do her hair - he owned the hair salon across from where we were shooting and apparently was watching while we were shooting. 

ah good times good times. cheers to yet another stranger meeting day with SK!


  1. I was not informed until now that someone asked to take a picture with me. "hahafunstuff".

    P.S. I'm taking your banner and making a button for my page under "Affiliations" or something. Unless you want to send me a picture you'd want as your button.

  2. sounds good (:
    and yes.
    haha creepy guys really like to talk to us while we're together ... it's an unforutnate truth hahahahaha