Wednesday, March 16, 2011

like cheese, the longer something ages the better it is when you finally get your hands on it. 

that can very easily be voted worst blog title of the Anno Domini era. but the point i wanted to get across is that my procrastination is for the overall betterment of society. so, to my friend Gigi, the reason it took me this long to post up these photos for you is because i wanted to wait for the photos to ripen so as to show you them in their best stage - three months old. (:

just a lil context, we were at Snakes and Lattes (link is to blogTO's review of Snakes and Lattes becuase you will probably get a better feel of the place than to their own website) on New Year's Eve. if you're a Torontarian or just happen to take a trip over to the land of the crazies make sure you step on some toes to get into this place. it's worth your while!

these last three are for you Gigi. thought you'd enjoy them as much as Rebecca Black's Friday.


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